Thursday, January 8

Scrap space

Finally I have finished sorting the last of the boxes.After seeing Nats cube storage that she had a while ago I decided I wanted one too.But it just wouldn't fit in my tiny scrap space. It wouldn't fit by 3cm so I went on the hunt for a smaller one and this one just fitted.My husband and eldest son put it all together for me but it has taken a while for me to sort all the boxes out.I love that all the mess is now hidden because as soon as you walk into our house this is what you see.I am thinking of moving the computer out too and just using the laptop because it takes up so much room on the desk. All I have left to do is put the lable holders on the box and label them but I will wait to see if the way I have sorted it works first.


  1. oh wow Kath that looks unreal!!!!
    so neat n tidy (for now LOL)

    mwa mwa
    Luv Nat xx

  2. Thanks for the idea Nat still like yours better but at least this one fits and all my mess is hidden now.I promise I'm going to keep it tidy.

  3. Looks great Kath...Great storage boxes too! Love it!
    I have crap everywhere are the moment too!! I really do need to clean up my scrappin crap....
    Good luck with keeping it clean once you start scrapping again.

  4. This is so neat...wish mine looked like that!!!

  5. This looks awesome Kath. Does it make you wanna go play and make a mess?...LOL xxx

  6. Yeah it does make me want to play.I think it was taking so long to do anything because I was searching for stuff.Now I know exactly where everything is.But I'm not going to mess it up

  7. OMG Kath that looks sick as!!! I so want mine like that too. I wish tho...
    Well Done Sean & James for helping!

  8. Hey again Kath....I just want to let you know that I left you a lil something over on my blog.
    I am still in love with your new scrap space.
    PS Is it still tidy??? Bye for now Luv Shaz xoxo

  9. oh wow, thats amazing! I hope it is easy to keep it that way *g*
    Mine ios shocking!

  10. Thanks for the lovely award Sharon.
    Well my room was tidy but I have been trying to finish a page and think I have pulled most of my stuff out.But i promise I will put it away.If I ever get this page finished