Saturday, March 28


This is Brandon after his sisters attacked hime with eyeshadow.He loved it
This layout was for Rachel's challenge at Ready Set Scrap

Crystal always used to kiss Brandon You can see the look on his face when he sees that she is coming for him again. Poor baby she never left him alone

Crystals first day of year 2 thought I better get last years photos done so I can start this years

Friday, March 13

Thursday, March 12

1 more day to go

Thanks for the lovely comments girls. Only one more night and day till Chloe is home. I bet I will be the first parent waiting there to pick them up.I have been so stressed worrying about her I haven't even scrapped this week. I wonder if she is missing us as much or if she has been having too much fun with her friends and teachers.

Wednesday, March 11


My gorgeous daughter Chloe has gone off to camp for 3 days.I already miss her and can't wait for her to get home.I'm wondering if I will get a phone call during the night to come and get her I'm hoping she is happy and settled there with her friends.
This gift of love blog award came from Mandy
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Thanks girls
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Another blog award from Jacque I would like to pass this on to everyone that follows my blog

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Thanks Mandy and Tracey for this beautiful blog award.
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Friday, March 6


Hi everyone if anyone has sent me emails and I haven't replied sorry but I lost all my emails last week they have been wiped out totally.Now the computer won't even turn on. The lap top internet is turning off all the time too.I do not know what is going on here but hopefully will be fixed for tonight for cyber crop at Ready Set Scrap.Thanks for all the text messages and phone calls from everyone wondering where I was and if everything was ok.Better go before internet goes back out again just thought I would let everyone know where I was.

Monday, March 2

Thanks Sharon

Thanks Sharon for this challenge I have to go to a folder with a title starting with the letter 'S' (for her name) and to find the 19th photo (as the letter 'S' is the 19th letter of the alphabet).

I went to my school folder and this was my 19th photo Crystal on her first day of school with Chloe when she was starting year 2.They have grown up so much

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