Tuesday, January 27

School photos

Brandon looking nervous about his first day at his new school
Crystal is excited about seeing all her friends again

Chloe looks a bit worried about going to a new school but she was ok going in.She did transition there last year so she knew a few of the kids. James escaped into the car before I could get a photo of him.He thinks because he is in year 12 he is too old to get his photo taken. I'll try to get him in a group shot of them all when Jordan goes to school tomorrow.
The house is so quiet with only 1 at home I'm going to go and get some scrapping done before it's time to go and get them.

Monday, January 26

Back to School

Tomorrow 4 of the kids go back to school. I might get some peace and quiet around here and some scrapping time.They have been on holidays since the 4th of December which seems like forever.Chloe and Brandon start at a new school tomorrow so all 5 will be at the same school that will definitely make life easier.I'm hoping they settle in easily.We just made what seems like hundreds of sandwiches for the freezer and muffins for their lunch boxes. I'll put some photos of them on tomorrow all dressed in their uniforms. Jordan is laughing at them all that he gets an extra day holidays so I'll have to find some chores for him to do.

Sunday, January 25


The kids loved meeting all the characters wandering around we missed getting pictures with a few of them though
The tigers were beautiful don't know if I would like to be that close though

I will upload a few more pictures tomorrow there are so many to go through


Our first night in Queensland I heard a noise in the screen room off our tent it sounded like someone was out there going through our bags.So I woke Sean up and look who we found looking through our fruit for something he liked.He didn't even try to run
Crystal loved feeding them possums chips but I convinced her that they like fruit better.They absolutely loved bananas the only problem was when you fed on the rest of the family turned up.But I liked having the possums coming to visit more than the ugly can toads.They are horrid things

Road Trip

Just out of coffs Harbour we blew a tire had a long wait for NRMA to come and change the tire it was bolted under the car and we couldn't get it undone.The kids were not impressed we were out in the middle of nowhere
The big Banana looked heaps bigger to me last time I was there about 30 years ago

We camped next to this giant slurpee at Coffs Harbour the kids thought it was really full they were disappointed to find out it was empty

Road trip they have spent about 24 hours in the car this week travelling

Friday, January 16

Christmas layouts

This layout is for Tracey's random challenge #22 and #23 at TBSS I got a couple of chrissy layouts done today will post a pic of the other one when it dries. I got these cosmo cricket papers and diecuts last year and couldn't wait to get my chrissy photos printed to use them.

This layout is Crystal when we were putting up our tree she was being naughty again. If her attitude is like this now what will she be like as a teenager

Sunday, January 11

Putting up our tent

Total confusion on both their faces
It's sort of up as long as someone holds the pole

We nearly blew away

Our home Don't know how 7 of us are going to live in hre for a week

This is the extra piece we have left over

December photoswap

This is the layout I did for Gayatri her daughter looks so sweet holding the beautiful baby.

I have used Prima papers and did a bit of handcutting.I really hope she likes it.

Saturday, January 10

Proximity Award

This is called The Proximity Award."These blogs invest and believe in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers, who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."
Thanks Sharon for passing this award onto me.
I have to pass this award onto 8 other bloggers but will have to get back to that in the morning

Thursday, January 8

Scrap space

Finally I have finished sorting the last of the boxes.After seeing Nats cube storage that she had a while ago I decided I wanted one too.But it just wouldn't fit in my tiny scrap space. It wouldn't fit by 3cm so I went on the hunt for a smaller one and this one just fitted.My husband and eldest son put it all together for me but it has taken a while for me to sort all the boxes out.I love that all the mess is now hidden because as soon as you walk into our house this is what you see.I am thinking of moving the computer out too and just using the laptop because it takes up so much room on the desk. All I have left to do is put the lable holders on the box and label them but I will wait to see if the way I have sorted it works first.

Sunday, January 4


I love the basic grey Granola Range.I don't seem to do as many layouts of my boys as I do the girls. But I was digging through my stash ( I was supposed to be sorting the last box) and came across the basic grey Granola that I forgot I had and couldn't resist scrapping it.

Thursday, January 1


I hope everyone had a great new years eve.We stayed in and watched the fireworks on tv.I decided that the first thing I was going to get done this year was redo my scrap room.It is nearly finished and I will post some pictures as soon as it is.It is such a small space and hard to do much with but my gorgeous husband with the help of my 16 year old has put together some shelving and boxes for me I just have to finish sorting a few more boxes.I got a bit of scrapping done today and will get some pictures of them up tonight too.