Monday, January 26

Back to School

Tomorrow 4 of the kids go back to school. I might get some peace and quiet around here and some scrapping time.They have been on holidays since the 4th of December which seems like forever.Chloe and Brandon start at a new school tomorrow so all 5 will be at the same school that will definitely make life easier.I'm hoping they settle in easily.We just made what seems like hundreds of sandwiches for the freezer and muffins for their lunch boxes. I'll put some photos of them on tomorrow all dressed in their uniforms. Jordan is laughing at them all that he gets an extra day holidays so I'll have to find some chores for him to do.


  1. Oh you are so lucky! I gotta wait an extra day and then yay! Peace and quiet.....LOL

  2. Oh Kath, have a lovely day by yourself today after the kids all go to school. Enjoy the peace and tranquility. Good Luck with the scrappin. Can't wait to see what you scrap. Luv Shaz xoxo