Wednesday, December 31

Tuesday, December 30

Sketch Challenge #37

This is my sketch challenge for this week at TBSS I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with

Monday, December 29

Christmas Day

Crystal had been begging for this doll
Crystal wrote Santa a note and left it with his sleigh of choccies

Brandon loves his Ben 10 stuff

Chloe doesn't look happy but she had been asking for this doll for weeks


I don't know if Brandon was really impressed by the snow

Even fluffy came to check it out

Crystal loved it but Chloe was a bit unsure

Nearly forgot the pic of the finished gingerbread men some are missing bits think the kids got hungry while they were making them

Xmas Eve

Christmas Eve we had a turkey dinner and while the turkey was cooking we baked some gingerbread men. I put a big plastic tablecloth down so they could make a mess. Lucky I did cause they had icing everywhere.Typical teenager to cut his gingerbread mans leg off

This kept them all quiet for ages

Before Xmas

Before xmas Crystal had another concert her xmas one I won't put photos of all her costumes up as I put them up a couple of weeks ago. But I love this one and can't wait to scrap the pics of it.
These are from the mounties carnival we go to every year before xmas.Crystal was actually big enough this year to drive her own car and I can't believe Chloe got in on her own.

The boys had so much fun too.

Friday, December 26

Another Blog award

Thanks Mandy for the blog award.

Here is a link to Mandy's blog
I would like to pass this award onto


Blog Award

Tracey left me this blog award.Thanks Tracey here is a link to Tracey's blog

for the award:

1.You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs.

2.You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions.

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My 5 addictions are

1.My family

2.Skim milk caramel latte

3. Prima flowers

4. My Camera

5. The sims games

I would like to pass this award onto

Ann Marie





Tuesday, December 16


Brandon kept begging Crystal to put eyeshadow on him.He said it was ok to wear it because it was a boy colour.I can't wait to scrap this photo of him.

More photos from Riverside

Crystal in the park at Riverside before the concert Crystal and Lindsay before the concert

Wash that man

Some more photos from Riverside

Wash that man
Jailhouse Rock


Purple people Eater

Cartoon heroes


Here are a few photos from this month.I am, going to have heaps to scrap as soon as I get a chance.These photos are from Sunday night when Crystal danced at the Riverside Theatre.I put all her costumes on her the next day to get some photos
Rockin Robin

Wind beneath my wings (Singing)

Chloe's Birthday she was so excited to get a high school musical doll that sings

I think she like her cake too. She is smiling so much more lately