Tuesday, January 27

School photos

Brandon looking nervous about his first day at his new school
Crystal is excited about seeing all her friends again

Chloe looks a bit worried about going to a new school but she was ok going in.She did transition there last year so she knew a few of the kids. James escaped into the car before I could get a photo of him.He thinks because he is in year 12 he is too old to get his photo taken. I'll try to get him in a group shot of them all when Jordan goes to school tomorrow.
The house is so quiet with only 1 at home I'm going to go and get some scrapping done before it's time to go and get them.


  1. Great photos of the kids Kath...Yeh I can't seem to get my eldest fella to get his photo taken for any occasion. Boys what do with them!
    Kick em up the pants a few more times I think!!!
    Be even more peaceful at home tomorrow, have a great week Luv Shaz xoxo

  2. Love the photos Kath.

    I have a fun challenge on my blog if you want to check it out!.....xxx