Monday, October 13

Some photos I had to share

Jordan was so excited this morning he started at his new school that he has been waiting to get into.Poor kid had to start high school at a new school made new friends and started to settle in then today he swapped to a new school.But he absolutely loved it and was so happy this afternoon when he got home.
Chloe did not want to pose on this bridge for me just minutes before a brown snake had slithered up the hill behind where they are standing.She's trying to look out the corner of her eye for movement behind her.I tried convincing her that the snake was long gone and it was more scared of us but she wouldn't believe me.
I am sure this is the first time Chloe has ever pulled a cheeky face for a photo I was shocked I am normally lucky to get a smile out of her or just have her look at the camera

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