Thursday, March 12

1 more day to go

Thanks for the lovely comments girls. Only one more night and day till Chloe is home. I bet I will be the first parent waiting there to pick them up.I have been so stressed worrying about her I haven't even scrapped this week. I wonder if she is missing us as much or if she has been having too much fun with her friends and teachers.


  1. LOL....I'm afraid to say she has probably been having too much fun!
    Bet she has heaps to tell you when she gets home

  2. I am sure she will have lots to share! She is going to be so excited to be able to let you know how much fun she had! Enjoy!

  3. Oh Kath...That is so beautiful! She will so excited to see you there waiting for her!!
    Hope you get some time to scrapbook today! Luv Shaz xoxo

  4. Oh Kath you poor darl not long now i always remember coming home from camp and id start crying when i saw my mum cause i missed her heaps ..Seeing Chloe again will be a beautiful moment to treasure Janinexx