Friday, February 13

17 already

Happy Birthday James

I can't believe you are 17 already.It only seems like yesterday you were a tiny premmie baby and now you are bigger than me.It also felt like only yesterday you started school and you finish school this year time has just flown. I better go finish getting things ready for his party they should be arriving in about 30 mins so I better get a move on. I'll try and post his birthday pics tonight if the party doesn't go too late.


  1. Happy 17th Birthday James. Hope you have a blast tonight!

  2. A big Happy Birthday to James...
    Enjoy the party Kath and for your sake I hope it's not an all nighter... Have fun...

  3. Thanks girls James is having a blast and they are pretty quiet.To think we have to do this all over again for jordan's party on Sunday